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Sincere advice.
Because honesty lasts longer.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we can do the Selection of insurance offers in order to work out the right solution together with our customers. Through the dialogue with other partners, a constant exchange of knowledge takes place, which additionally strengthens the quality of our work.

Above all, we are interested in honest and personal advice. Intrusive advertising calls or colorful brochures with smiling faces are not part of this for us.

When you contact us, you can count on a fair and open opinion. Because only then is long-term cooperation fruitful and meaningful for both sides.

We are your EU broker specialist.

As a group-independent broker, we have been solely committed to the interests of our customers for several years. We do not work for one or more insurance companies – but for YOU. One of our most important tasks is therefore to have an overview of the entire market. An objective comparison software helps us to analyze the tariff jungle. During the consultation, the right products are compared in terms of quality, price and service, among other things.

20 years of experience