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We offer solutions for all people without health insurance!

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Well advised. Well insured.

Health insurance for everyone!

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Health insurance for every need

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We have made it our business to find the right health insurance for everyone. Whether you are in a difficult situation or looking for the right coverage for your circumstances. We insure self-employed persons, employees, students, pensioners or workers from abroad. Together we will find the right solution for you – even in difficult cases.

Or we can bring you back into the German health system –
if that’s what you want.

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You can rely on our lowest prices. if you find your concluded health insurance cheaper on another website, we will refund you the difference!

There is always a solution

No health insurance?

There can be many reasons for being without health insurance – despite the fact that health insurance is theoretically compulsory in Germany. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to find the right solution for you, no matter what your reasons for being without health insurance. Because good insurance coverage doesn’t have to be impossible or expensive.

Without health insurance to the doctor

Not having health insurance in Germany is unfortunately not as rare as one would assume. While there are solutions to regain valid insurance coverage, what if you need to go to the doctor during the time you are without health insurance?

International Health Insurance

Would you like to live abroad for a while? Then you need an international health insurance. Depending on the length of your stay, where you are staying and what you expect from your insurance, there are different options and some points to consider when choosing International Health Insurance.

Return to statutory health insurance

A return to the statutory health insurance (statutory health insurance) can sometimes be profitable. Especially in old age, the contributions of a private health insurance often increase and are just for pensioners or self-employed hardly to cope. This will get you back into the statutory health insurance.

European Health Insurance - is it for me?

Do you want a really good and cheap health insurance? Then the European Health Insurance could be a really good alternative. The European / International Health Insurance does not know any penalty contributions. It does not ask any questions about (missing) insurance periods or your credit rating. Offers a lot of benefits and low premiums. And we offer you different tariffs as well as a personal consultation.

Our European Health Insurance

the alternative for all employees or also foreign workers , Freelancers and many other people who are not legally insured. Suitable also for older people with negative Schufa entry or a Rejection by the statutory health insurance companies.

We analyse the entire market of available companies for you