100% acceptance guarantee!
100% acceptance guarantee!

VISA Compliant

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Freedom Health Insurance:

Established in 2003, Freedom Health Insurance is an award-winning provider of private health insurance that aims to offer exceptional customer service and simple but flexible products at competitive premiums to people in the United Kingdom (UK) and abroad.

Whether for yourself, your family, or your business, strive to give you the freedom to be responsible for your health care and help you do so through simple and affordable health insurance plans.

As a family owned business, Freedom is passionate about providing them with a caring and professional service. A stable and extremely reliable team, is the strength of the company. Through your competent team you can keep your promise to be available for your customers with know-how, honesty and reliability.

Since 2003, these values have remained the pillars of the relationship you maintain with each and every member.

Freedom Health Insurance Benefits:

  • Cover provided by Allianz Partners as reinsurer
  • Coverage by an insurer domiciled in Europe
  • Cover for EU and UK customers post-Brexit
  • No medical examination required
  • Guaranteed cover for persons between 18 and 70 years of age
  • Experienced English and German speaking service department

Who is Freedom Health Insurance suitable for?

An insurance policy with Freedom Health is suitable for many cases where you need a reliable insurer, for example for foreigners who come to Germany in compliance with visa requirements.  Craftsmen from Eastern Europe are also well advised to use Freedom Health if they are working in Germany and need a customs certificate. 

If you are self-employed and spend a lot of time in Europe for professional or private reasons and do not have a permanent residence in Germany, this could be the right insurance for you. This also applies to persons who are sent abroad by their employer or companies that bring self-employed persons from abroad to Germany and employ them here. Digital nomads, people who work from anywhere in the world, can also find suitable insurance from Freedom Health.

People who are planning a longer holiday in Germany will find Freedom Health Insurance a good partner, as will au pairs who are going abroad for a year or more to work and get to know the country and its people.

Last but not least, this insurance benefits those who live without health insurance coverage in Germany, Austria, Switzerland or any other European country. 

Silver tariff

49,00 monthly
  • max. Reimbursement EUR 750 000
  • 1-bed room / treatment by chief physician
  • up to EUR 2,500 outpatient

Gold tariff

75,00 monthly
  • max. Reimbursement EUR 1 000 000
  • 1-bed room / treatment by chief physician
  • up to EUR 5,000 outpatient


90,00 monthly
  • max. Reimbursement EUR 1 500 000
  • 1-bed room / treatment by chief physician
  • up to EUR 10,000 outpatient
Good performance

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Silver tariff
(with a EUR 1,000 deductible):
up to 19-year-old:from EUR 49
25-year-old person:from EUR 62
35-year-old person:from EUR 82
45-year-old person:from EUR 117
55-year-old person:from EUR 190
65-year-old person:from EUR 387
Gold tariff
(with a EUR 1,000 deductible):
up to 19-year-old:from EUR 75
25-year-old person:from EUR 113
35-year-old person:from EUR 143
45-year-old person:from EUR 199
55-year-old person:from EUR 304
65-year-old person:from EUR 642

flexible payment method: monthly to yearly, by direct debit (Sepa), credit type or bank transfer