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There are a variety of reasons why people decide to live abroad:
A year abroad as part of your studies
, to get to know the culture of another country as an au pair, or to spend a year working and travelling to gain experience and experience something before starting university or an apprenticeship.

But employees can also be sent abroad by their employer, digital nomads work from anywhere in the world, or you are staying abroad for an indefinite period of time and need full insurance cover to German standards.

This is not the case in all countries of the world. This is where international health insurance is the right move for you. We will be happy to advise you which is the right tariff for you and your needs.

We will find the right solution for you:

For whom is an international health insurance suitable?

The international health insurance is suitable for all who spend a longer time abroad. However, depending on the length of stay, there are significant differences in the insurance policies that can be chosen.


With a deductible of 5,000 EUR:
up to 19-year-old:from EUR 42
25-year-old person:from EUR 62
35-year-old person:from EUR 78
45-year-old person:from EUR 106
55-year-old person:from EUR 149
65-year-old person:from EUR 281
With a deductible of 250 EUR:
up to 19-year-old:from EUR 62
25-year-old person:from EUR 93
35-year-old person:from EUR 116
45-year-old person:from EUR 159
55-year-old person:from EUR 224
65-year-old person:from EUR 421

flexible payment method: monthly to yearly, by direct debit (Sepa), credit type or bank transfer

International health insurance for stays up to 1 year

International health insurance for stays up to 5 years

International health insurance for an indefinite period of stay

These include, depending on the tariff chosen:

If you live abroad for an indefinite period of time, it is important to have comprehensive international health insurance with a wide range of benefits. Depending on the destination country you are travelling to, basic medical care may not meet German standards.

If you take out an international health insurance policy, you have access to the service network of your insurer. This means that they have local partners who can advise you in the event of an upcoming hospital stay or a necessary specialist appointment and take care of the formalities or, for example, in the worst case, arrange for your return transport to your home country.

In addition to these benefits, a fully-fledged international health insurance policy also offers a significantly larger benefits package than other international insurance policies.

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Especially if you are currently not insured due to financial difficulties from the past, a European health insurance is the best and fastest way to be covered in case of illness and not to get into further existential difficulties due to medical bills.

For this we analyze for you the whole market of the
Insurance companies with insurers such as Allianz
Worldwide Care
, Morgan
Price International
, ALC Health
or the Freedom
Health Insurance
and find the right rate for you.

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Mr Reichensdörfer
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My submitted invoices, each collected by the end of the year, have been processed very expeditiously. The reimbursement also went very quickly and without complications as planned.
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Mr Miler
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The whole process was perfect for me. The German health insurance companies should take a leaf out of their book. Will definitely recommend you guys to others.
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Mr Knife
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Good advice, friendly nice courteous competent patient open fact oriented , I recommend gladly...
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Mr Deppe
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I am very satisfied with the advice, mediation and support and would gladly recommend you.

We analyse the entire market of available companies for you

The most important questions about International Health Insurance

In this case, you should take out an insurance policy for an indefinite period of time in order to be optimally insured and not to be left without insurance cover in the event of a claim. We will be happy to advise you on this.

The costs of an international health insurance cannot be named as a lump sum. These depend on many factors. Which insurance do you choose? What services do you want covered? How much time will you spend abroad? Do you take out insurance with or without a deductible? Feel free to use our rate calculator and let us advise you.

The European Health Insurance Card or EHIC is available to all legally insured people from Germany. It is valid in the EU member states and Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein or Switzerland. With some insurers, the card is on the back of your regular insurance card, or you may be issued an additional card. However, the EHIC is only valid for short stays abroad, such as a holiday, and only covers medically necessary services.

As is so often the case, the answer is: it depends. If you are sent abroad for a certain period of time, e.g. by your employer, your insurance cover in Germany remains valid. If you are going to Australia for a year for Work & Travel you can cancel your insurance in Germany for the period. After the stay abroad, people who were previously insured by a statutory health insurance company re-insure themselves with a statutory health insurance company; people who were previously privately insured also re-insure themselves with a private health insurance company. However, if you study and go abroad for a semester or more through your German university, you cannot cancel your insurance.

If you are compulsorily insured and move within the EU, you will keep your German pension, but not necessarily your insurance cover. However, many medical services that may be necessary for you are a private benefit in other countries. If you do not want to do without a good and comprehensive insurance cover, you should take out an international health insurance. Since some insurance companies only insure up to a certain age, you should inform yourself in time and find the right international health insurance for you. We will be happy to advise you.