100% acceptance guarantee!
100% acceptance guarantee!

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Due to the current unclear Brexit situation and the ongoing Corona crisis, we are clearly advising against entering into a contract at this time pending clear clarification and comment from Morgan Price.

The current developments at Morgan Price are of great concern to us and we have an obligation to keep our customers informed of the latest developments.

To date, there are no current premiums for the current fiscal year 2021 from Morgan Price, existing customers are not currently receiving policy renewals with new premiums, and communication with the insurer is currently not possible or there are no clear and reliable statements as to how things will proceed in the future.

Pending full clarification from Morgan Price on the future direction and development of the company, we recommend that clients take out a policy with an alternative international health insurer such as Freedom Health Insurance ( reinsurer Allianz World Wide) or ALC Global Health Insurance.

In our rate calculator you will find the current premiums of these premium partners of Freedom and ALC.

Both insurers guarantee serious handling for our clients with large and well-known reinsurers such as Allianz.

We will keep you informed about further developments and inform you immediately if there are any news or changes.

Do not hesitate to contact us by phone or e-mail.

Morgan Price Health Insurance:

Morgan Price was founded in 1999 to act as a product provider in the international health insurance market.

Morgan Price International Healthcare is what is known as a Managing General Agent (MGA) or Managing General Underwriter (MGU), which means that this is not an insurer, but you act on behalf of insurers in terms of product design, administration, premium collection, and if necessary, claims handling with a lot of authority from that insurer.

The products you offer are their products and the customers who buy them are their customers. They select the most appropriate insurer (and other partners such as claims handlers) to provide the best service to their customers.

Morgan Price International Healthcare Ltd is regulated in the UK by the FCA, where it is also a member of the Association of Health Insurers.

The following are the principles Morgan Price seeks to fulfill:

The customer is at the heart of everything you do at Morgan Price. Therefore, you are committed to treating customers in a fair, honest and transparent manner.

You create clear documentation and communication available so customers know what they have purchased and how to use it.

They pay legitimate claims in a timely manner and do not deny claims based on unfair technicalities.

Morgan Price - the insurance is particularly suitable for these people

Insurance company Morgan Price insures a range of people, including those who go abroad for work or come to Germany to work. This includes

In addition to work, there are other groups for which Morgan Price insurance is particularly suitable.

Standard PlusTariff

Entry-level tariff
60,00 monthly
  • max. Reimbursement EUR 750 000
  • 1-bed room / treatment by chief physician
  • up to EUR 2,500 outpatient

Premium tariff

Premium rate
125,00 monthly
  • max. Reimbursement EUR 1 500 000
  • 1-bed room / treatment by chief physician
  • up to EUR 10,000 outpatient

Elite tariff

Top rate
189,00 monthly
  • max. Reimbursement EUR 2 000 000
  • 1-bed room / treatment by chief physician
  • up to EUR 2,000,000 outpatient
TOP performance

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Price overview (as of 01/2020):

Standard Plus Tariff
(with a EUR 250 deductible):
up to 19-year-old:from EUR 60
25-year-old person:from EUR 83
35-year-old person:from EUR 104
45-year-old person:from EUR 148
55-year-old person:from 238 EUR
65-year-old person:from EUR 328
Premium tariff
(with a EUR 250 deductible):
up to 19-year-old:from EUR 125
25-year-old person:from EUR 188
35-year-old person:from 236 EUR
45-year-old person:from 340 EUR
55-year-old person:from 521 EUR
65-year-old person:from 923 EUR

flexible payment method: monthly to yearly, by direct debit (Sepa), credit type or bank transfer