No health insurance?

We offer solutions for all people without health insurance!
100% acceptance guarantee!

No health insurance?

We offer solutions for all people without health insurance!

From EUR 49 per month

No punitive contributions

No SCHUFA check

You don't have health insurance?

The solution: European Health Insurance

By taking out a European health insurance policy (EUKV), you are immediately covered again. After taking out an EUKV, you can go straight back to the doctor – even in Germany. This can also be used as a temporary transitional solution to return to the German health insurance system after 12 months – without penalty contributions and medical certificates. Together we will find the right way for you. This depends largely on your age, current state of health and your financial circumstances.


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Currently, the European insurers do not fulfil the health insurance obligation in Germany to 100%, but offer our customers an exclusive solution with the path outlined above and thus a unique opportunity to be reintegrated into the German health insurance system in the medium term.


With a deductible of 5,000 EUR:
up to 19-year-old:from EUR 42
25-year-old person:from EUR 62
35-year-old person:from EUR 78
45-year-old person:from EUR 106
55-year-old person:from EUR 149
65-year-old person:from EUR 281
With a deductible of 250 EUR:
up to 19-year-old:from EUR 62
25-year-old person:from EUR 93
35-year-old person:from EUR 116
45-year-old person:from EUR 159
55-year-old person:from EUR 224
65-year-old person:from EUR 421

flexible payment method: monthly to yearly, by direct debit (Sepa), credit type or bank transfer

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You can rely on our lowest prices.
If you find your health insurance on another website cheaper, we will refund you the difference!

Many reasons can lead to being without health insurance.

Since 2009, Germany has had compulsory health insurance - in theory. Unfortunately, however, the practice is different. According to the Federal Statistical Office in Germany, several 100,000 people are without health insurance, and the number is rising. Many reasons can lead to being without health insurance.

Talk to us, we will 100% find a suitable solution for you.

Especially if you are currently not insured due to financial difficulties from the past, a European health insurance is the best and fastest way to be covered in case of illness and not to get into further existential difficulties due to medical bills.

For this we analyse the whole market of insurance companies with insurers like Allianz Worldwide CareMorgan Price InternationalALC Health Insurance or the Freedom Health Insurance and find the right tariff for you.

Our customers trust us.

Mr Reichensdörfer
Mr Reichensdörfer
5 out of 5
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My submitted invoices, each collected by the end of the year, have been processed very expeditiously. The reimbursement also went very quickly and without complications as planned.
Mr Miler
Mr Miler
5 out of 5
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The whole process was perfect for me. The German health insurance companies should take a leaf out of their book. Will definitely recommend you guys to others.
Mr Knife
Mr Knife
5 out of 5
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Good advice, friendly nice courteous competent patient open fact oriented , I recommend gladly...
Mr Deppe
Mr Deppe
5 out of 5
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I am very satisfied with the advice, mediation and support and would gladly recommend you.

We analyse the entire market of available companies for you

The most important questions

Everyone should have the right to good and affordable health insurance. Unfortunately, however, German jurisprudence is far removed from this state of affairs. As a result, many Germans are without health insurance, some of them for years. Once out of the system, it is often almost impossible to return to statutory or private health insurance, if only because of the high additional payments for the time in which they were not insured. So you are left without insurance cover – not knowing that there is a good alternative: European Health Insurance, or EUKV for short. And exactly on this special and particularly favorable private health insurance we have specialized ourselves as Tutario GmbH. We insure self-employed persons, Germans abroad and foreigners in Germany.

We insure digital nomads and expats worldwide. In addition, we offer suitable health insurance for our foreign guests, which must comply with the visa regulations.

We also offer solutions for older people in Germany who have to prove that they have health insurance in order to apply for a pension. Our clients include dropouts and globetrotters, successful freelancers and start-ups alike.

European health insurance is often the only solution to regain health insurance cover in Germany. A European health insurance is at the same time an international health insurance, which optimally insures all other people, who are abroad professionally or privately. A European health insurance offers a very favorable insurance protection, with a comprehensive benefit catalog at the same time. But see for yourself: with the rate comparison for European health insurance.

According to the law, they no longer have a chance to be covered by a statutory health insurance and can only insure themselves in a private health insurance.
But what if these people have a negative Schufa entry?

These persons are rejected by all German private health insurances to 99%. In addition always a medical certificate falls, if here the blood values do not correspond to 100% to the standard or the blood pressure is not correct, the customer is rejected clearly.
In addition, the health insurance companies demand from each customer with all companies the penalty contributions retroactively for the years in which they were without health insurance. The Compulsory Insurance Act has been in force since 01.01.2009. If, for example, you as a customer have not had health insurance since this date

should, the health insurance company can claim the contributions here retroactively according to his formula. You don’t have to be a mathematician to calculate that fines can run into the tens of thousands of euros very quickly.

This means that for people over 54 years of age it is very difficult or even impossible to get back into a German statutory health insurance and the legislator does not offer any solution to remedy this situation.

With a European health insurance you do not correspond to the German health insurance obligation, but you receive to 100% achievement in the case of illness and protect themselves against high ambulatory and stationary costs, in order not to get in the case of illness into the existential difficulties or even an insolvency.

As a market-leading provider, we have created special solutions for the above-mentioned groups of people in order to bring our customers back into the German health insurance system without penalty contributions. Some German statutory and private insurance companies accept the European health insurance as pre-insurance for our clients, although it does not correspond to the compulsory insurance in Germany, thus enabling them to return to the German health insurance system.

They use a European health insurance as a stepping stone, so to speak, in order to insure themselves again according to German health insurance law.

We have a lot of client enquiries from prospective clients who are over 60 and want/need to apply for retirement in a few years. In order to apply for a German statutory pension, you must have health insurance and long-term care insurance.

Here, a European health insurance offers you the possibility of insurance coverage in old age. The European health insurance policies that we offer our clients are sufficient proof to be able to apply for a pension. As of today, all health and long-term care insurances we offer are sufficient to cover your application for a statutory old-age pension from the German state.

There are currently only two providers in Germany that can offer you health insurance cover.

Option 1:
Morgan Price, condition is: you must not be older than 74 years of age, comprehensive health information must be provided from 55 years of age, BMI must not be greater than 34, otherwise there is a general refusal. If the BMI is greater than 29 -33.9, there is a 20% risk surcharge. If an increased BMI of more than 29 is accompanied by another medical condition, such as high blood pressure, Morgan Price usually rejects the application directly or imposes a higher risk surcharge. Existing chronic illnesses such as high blood pressure, cancer, allergies, slipped discs, psychological conditions or other chronic illnesses are generally excluded from insurance cover. If you are younger than 55, there is a simplified risk assessment with a so-called moratorium application model. Morgan Price generally insists on a 6 month waiting period when taking out a policy, except in the case of accident. Preventive check-ups are only paid for after 1 year and dental services are not included in the insurance and must be covered separately by a supplementary dental insurance policy from Allianz Krankenversicherung. This insurer currently offers the lowest premiums on the market.

Option 2:
ALC, application acceptance regardless of age, no waiting period to get coverage, no rejection/risk surcharge due to obesity. Chronic conditions are excluded from coverage with ALC, as with Morgan Price, if they existed at the time of application. There is a waiting period of 1 year for preventive medical examinations. Dental benefits are not included in ALC’s cover, as with Morgan Price, and must be purchased separately through Allianz Health Insurance. ALC’s premiums are on average 5-10% more expensive relative to Morgan Price for people over 40, but there are no rejections, risk surcharges or age restrictions.

Our experts will be happy to help you here by telephone or by e-mail to check which company represents the optimum solution for you or you can compare your tariff options directly using our tariff calculator independently within 2 minutes and generate your application directly online. Click here for the comparison calculator!

If you do not have health insurance, you are responsible for paying your own bills. If you have financial problems, you can certainly arrange with the doctor or hospital to pay in installments. In cases of extreme hardship, the social security office may also pay. Take precautions in time, there are cheap alternatives with international and European health insurances, with which you can at least minimize the financial risk. The conclusion takes place uncomplicatedly without health examination and without credit assessment.

If you become unemployed and had statutory health insurance, the contributions for your previous health insurance can be taken over by the employment office. It is also possible to take out voluntary insurance or possibly via family insurance.

After a stay abroad, the duration of the absence and the professional status are decisive for the resumption of German insurance. Those who worked abroad as an employee can usually switch back to their old statutory health insurance without any problems. Previously privately insured persons must take out private insurance again, but this can be expensive due to the higher age of entry, unless a qualifying period has been applied for. In addition, there is a risk of rejection if serious illnesses have occurred abroad. If it is not possible to join the German health insurance, various European and international health insurers offer a favourable alternative to cover your medical care.

No, it’s not a crime if you don’t get insurance despite being required to do so. However, you are taking a high financial risk by doing so, firstly because you will have to pay your medical bills yourself. On the other hand, because there is the threat of high penalty contributions if you want or have to take out insurance later – for example, because you want to take up a job that is subject to social insurance contributions.

Doctors and hospitals are generally obliged to provide treatment in an emergency even if you do not have insurance, but you will have to foot the bill yourself. International and European health insurances offer a cheap and uncomplicated alternative here.