European Health Insurance (EUKV)

The solution for everyone.
100% Annahme- garantie!
European Health Insurance (EUKV)

The solution for everyone.

starting at 49 EUR mtl.

No medical certificates

100 Acceptance Guarantee

No age limit

No punitive contributions

No Schufa exam

The solution: A European health insurance.

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No matter what life situation you are in, we can promise you 100: we will find a suitable solution for you. Since 2009, Germany has had a general obligation to provide health insurance – in theory. Unfortunately, however, the practice is different. According to the Federal Statistical Office in Germany, several 100,000 people are without health insurance, and the number is rising.


With a deductible of 5,000 EUROS:

up to 19-year-old:from 42 EUR
25-year-old person:from 62 EUR
35-year-old person:from 78 EUR
45-year-old person:from 106 EUR
55-year-old person:from 149 EUR
65-year-old person:from 281 EUR

With a deductible of 250 EUR:

up to 19-year-old:from 62 EUR
25-year-old person:from EUR 93
35-year-old person:from 116 EUR
45-year-old person:from 159 EUR
55-year-old person:from 224 EUR
65-year-old person:from EUR 421

flexible payment method: monthly to yearly, by direct debit (Sepa), credit type or bank transfer

European health insurance - briefly presented:

European health insurance companies provide 100 per family throughout the EEA region, or European economic area for short, depending on your chosen tariff of 100.

The benefits are freely selectable, from very cheap to a top insurance cover at the benefit level of a German private or statutory health insurance.
It is important to know that European health insurance is basically nothing more than international health insurance, which limits its scope to Europe. Due to the limited scope of the European economic area, premiums are much cheaper for our customers than for worldwide insurance cover for international health insurance.

Option right – You can individually adapt your insurance cover to your personal situation every year, which can reduce or increase benefits. To do this, you can also extend the scope of your health insurance worldwide.

Who is European health insurance suitable for?

Low-price guarantee

  • No price risk
  • Money back guarantee
  • Cheapest provider

Competence Guarantee

  • For more than 20 years
  • Experienced experts
  • Free advice

Satisfaction Guarantee

  • No gag contracts
  • Experienced partners
  • Individual adaptation

You can rely on our lowest prices.
If you find your health insurance on another website cheaper, we will refund you the difference!

What are the benefits of European health insurance?

What scope of benefits do European health insurance companies offer?

European health insurance offers optimal health insurance cover for people who want to break new ground. They make full use of Europe’s opportunities, with its unlimited opportunities for free residence and work.

As a German citizen, you can now unsubscribe online from almost any citizen’s office, so you are no longer subject to the insurance obligation in Germany and for your German statutory or private health insurance there is a registration date with the date of unregistration. immediate special termination right. Of course, the legal regulations of the country to which you are planning to move apply, but in many European countries there is no insurance obligation for a temporary stay which is limited in time or sufficient proof of a European health insurance as proof.

There are also more and more people who do not have a permanent residence and travel flexibly through Europe in a motorhome and live where they like it best at the moment. Take your freedom and make sure where you want, no matter where you live and pay only what is needed.

With a European health insurance, you have the possibility to be treated, examined or operated anywhere in the European Economic Area (EEA), no matter where you are. It doesn’t matter if you are in Germany, Spain, Poland or e.g. Scandinavia. Since there is no limit on the fee regulations in the rates of the European health insurance, you always get the best possible medical Care by specialists and hospitals in the country in which you are currently located.

Securing a 1-2 bed room with a private medical treatment (chief physician) is your minimum standard. Please take a look at the performance details of the different tariffs and services in our tariff calculator. / Forward to the performance overview.

What are the disadvantages of European health insurance?

Unfortunately, there are also drawbacks. Of course, you must pay your health insurance contributions on time at the agreed payment interval.

European health insurance only pays if the contributions are paid on time.
German health insurance companies are also obliged to pay in advance in the event of non-payment, even if the contributions have not been paid for one or two months, for example. The German health insurers would then repeat the money from the customer afterwards.

European health insurance would never go into advance payment if the contributions were not paid as agreed in accordance with the terms of the contract. If a customer has not made the payments no later than 7 days after the agreed start of the contract, the insurer can unilaterally withdraw from the contract without giving any further reasons according to AVBs (general insurance conditions).
Pre-existing conditions, which are “non-chronic” are excluded from insurance cover for 2 years.

If you do not have any complaints about this condition during these 2 years and do not go to the doctor, you are fully entitled to insurance cover again in the third year. (Moratorium Rule). If you do not wish to have a contract with the exclusion of such pre-existing conditions, an individual risk supplement can also be requested from the respective insurer.
Chronic pre-existing conditions are generally excluded from insurance cover. Chronic pre-existing conditions include cancer, herniated discs, high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, allergies, thyroid diseases, mental or mental disorders. Ongoing treatments are also always excluded from insurance cover. Existing pregnancies can be requested individually.

Personal advice is always required here.
The advantage over A German health insurance is that chronic diseases do not generally lead to rejection, but often only the clinical picture and the resulting consequences are excluded.

All other diseases can be insured as normal. In Germany, chronic pre-existing conditions would usually forcefully lead to a complete rejection of the entire application. For certain chronic diseases, a risk supplement can also be included in a European health insurance scheme, so that the clinical picture can be insured as normal. To give an example, this is often possible in case of high blood pressure or an operated herniated disc.

For this purpose, please talk to one of our consultants, who will be happy to offer you an individual offer after personal clarification of your health information.

If you live and work in Germany, are chronically ill and are uninsured, you should always look for the way to german statutory health insurance. Here, there are solutions and opportunities to cover your existing medical picture via a German statutory health insurance.

Together with you, we will be happy to examine the possibilities of returning to the German insurance system, taking into account your existing medical picture without any penalty.

Long-term care insurance, do I need it abroad or Germany at all?

In line with a European health insurance, you can choose suitable additional services for the existing outpatient and inpatient health insurance services according to your wishes and wishes.
In addition to health insurance, the most important component is to provide private long-term care insurance for every person.

The long-term care insurance insures them worldwide against the risks of needing care. Long-term care insurance should not only be taken out in Germany, but above all abroad.
If you are in need of care due to serious illness or an accident, it is strongly advisable to protect yourself from this risk. Needing care does not necessarily have anything to do with the elderly and a nursing home, but often arises only temporarily for several months or years after surgery, cancer treatment or a car accident.

In addition, you should always take care of a long-term care insurance as soon as possible, so that you are still healthy in order to avoid risk surcharges or complete rejections of the insurance cover.
Once you are ill and in an ongoing treatment, the way to a private long-term care insurance is usually blocked forever and you have to cope with the costs from your treatment from your own reserves.

Back to the German medical system.
If you want to.

After 12 months of membership in an EU-KV, you have the opportunity to get back into German statutory or private health insurance via our framework contracts and this WITHOUT penalty.

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Dental protection, what do EU health insurers do?

European health insurance companies usually only provide health insurance in the outpatient and inpatient areas, depending on the tariff chosen. Only the premium or top variants often offer insurance cover in the field of dental care, dental treatment and dentures. However, many EEA insurers do not pay for implants, or only to a very limited extent.
Unfortunately, the services are often so limited that you would have to pay the majority of the costs incurred on your own.
In addition, the monthly premiums for dental protection are set so high by insurers that it is often hardly financially worthwhile to cover them through European health insurance.
We offer you suitable product solutions here, that you can rely on the existing services of your European private health insurance an additional dental component, which provides if necessary and is affordable.

Important note!

Do the private German supplementary insurances even be abroad without German health insurance?

To anticipate the answer, yes.
We work exclusively with insurance companies from Germany, which have and offer legally suitable and exclusive products for our customers.
However, the question is generally more than justified, since almost all German additional products have only been specified and calculated for Germany.

For example, private day care allowance insurance abroad without German health insurance and compulsory care insurance (PVN) is usually of no use at all, as these products only provide according to the general insurance conditions of the respective insurer if there is German health insurance with compulsory German long-term care insurance.

However, if you do not take out German health insurance in Germany or abroad, you will not receive compulsory care insurance.
However, you will again only receive compulsory care insurance by taking out german statutory or private health insurance.
As a result, almost all private long-term care insurance companies would not be able to afford without advance payment from a German CT and PVN.
For this reason, we offer you functional solutions via German private health insurance companies, which offer private day care insurance in the field of care, without advance payment of a German health insurance and without advance payment of a Compulsory care insurance.

These private German long-term care insurance companies provide worldwide care according to your personal benefit wishes and needs.

The same applies to supplementary dental insurance, where most German supplementary dental insurances only provide health insurance based on German statutory or private health insurance. However, since they do not take out German health insurance, but a European health insurance company, all these insurance sacuries simply would not be able to afford in the event of a benefit.
Here, too, we have defined suitable products for you with our partner insurers, so that you can receive supplementary dental insurance, which provides worldwide without advance payment of a German health insurance and this at a favourable monthly contribution.

Application conditions

Moratorium rule:

All pre-existing conditions in the last 5 years are subject to insurance cover in the first two years of insurance.
Closed. If consultations, examinations, operations are not advised or carried out during the first two years of insurance, they are co-insured from the third year of insurance. Chronic diseases that have already existed at the time of application are permanently excluded.


Morgen Price’s health insurance is an annual contract that automatically extends for another year. Termination must be in writing at least one month before the end of the contract. Before the end of the insurance year, the customer receives the new contribution calculation and insurance conditions. It is then possible to change the tariff, the payment method and the deductible. Only when the “new” insurance contribution is received in full (after contribution adjustment) does it exist
insurer’s obligation to provide benefits.

Option right:

Insurance cover can be extended to worldwide coverage, with and without USA and Asia exclusions: Health insurance / European health insurance (EU-KV) The EU/EEA health insurance only reimburses benefits if the contributions were paid by the customer according to the insurance certificate according to the insurance certificate and there are no arrears. If there is a backlog of contributions, there is no entitlement to benefits and the insurer can withdraw from insurance cover without giving reasons. The insurer will not inform the customer if his contract is in arrears and does not ask the customer to pay the outstanding contributions. The policyholder is responsible for this himself. In the event of non-payment, the contract automatically expires without further information from the insurer. As long as there is no receipt of money with the insurer, the insurance cover cannot be reactivated. If an insured event occurs during the period of non-payment, the policyholder must pay for the insured independently and the subsequent illnesses that may result from this at his own expense. The insurer is exempt from the obligation to pay.

  • Medical bills are available according to max. 6 months. The reimbursement of the invoice is only carried out together with the reimbursement form (Claim Form), otherwise there is no entitlement to insurance benefits.
  • Inpatient hospitalizations must be notified to the insurer within 48 hours, otherwise only 75 reimbursements.
  • In the outpatient/inpatient and dental area, only the costs in the respective country are covered, which are not unnecessary, medically inappropriate or above the usual, normal and reasonable rate of the respective country.
  • If the insurer is prohibited by law, or if he decides not to continue this type of insurance, the policyholder will be required to do so. 120 days before its next annual renewal date.
  • The place of jurisdiction is the seat of the EEA/EU insurer.
  • Pregnancy benefits: Pregnancy benefits are limited depending on society and tariff. Costs for preventive care, prenatal measures, birth and aftercare may not be covered by 100.
  • The annual limit for outpatient/stationary/tooth in the respective tariff of the company is urgently observed, here there may be benefit restrictions and costs must be covered privately, as they are not covered by the maximum limits by the insurer.
  • addictions (e.g. alcohol withdrawal) and their consequences; Accidents and illnesses caused or caused by alcohol and/or drug influence will not be refunded.
  • Depending on the company’s tariff: renal failure and its consequences (e.g. outpatient dialysis); Body replacements in the form of external prostheses are max. 2,500 euros, all other body replacements are not paid by the insurer.
  • eating/sleeping and behavioural disorders and their consequences (e.g. anorexia, sleep apnea and psychological treatments);
  • HIV diseases (except through blood transfusion);
  • Manual therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy, med. Sports massages;
  • extreme sports (e.g. martial arts, motorsport, skydiving);
  • Accidents in professional and amateur sport, if the sport is a credit or a profession. The resulting illnesses will not be reimbursed;
  • No performance entitlement is assumed for the following leisure activities, e.g. equestrian sports; Weightlifting; Hunting and shooting; Motorcycling (over 1000 cc), quad biking and kitesurfing;
  • Dental area: 6 months waiting period, 10 additional payments per invoice, no benefit for gum disease/gingivitis and its consequences (e.g. periodontitis); the insurer’s list of material costs;
  • Mobile aids (e.g. wheelchairs) are reimbursed up to 1,000/1,500/2,000 euros per year, depending on the tariff.
  • Maximum annual reimbursement, such as physiotherapy or naturopathic services
  • Exclusions of benefits: Please note the general terms and conditions (General Insurance Conditions) of the insurer in order to find out about deadlines and exclusions!

Special conditions:

All MP contracts have a waiting period of 6 months (benefits only in case of accident or serious illness). Medical bills are available according to max. 6 months; The invoice is reimbursed exclusively via a separate cost
Refund form, otherwise a refund cannot be guaranteed. Inpatient hospitalizations must be notified to the insurer within 48 hours, otherwise only 75 reimbursements. In the outpatient/inpatient and dental area, only the costs in the respective country are covered, which are not unnecessary, medically inappropriate or above the usual normal
and reasonable rate of the respective country. Depending on the tariff, health insurance provides at least in the European economic sector. This European economic sector includes:
Germany. Morgan Price provides full german statutory or private health insurance in the event of illness. The customer was informed that the European health insurance does not meet the German insurance obligation and that it does not replace German statutory or private full health insurance.

Option right Reintegration German KV:

We currently offer our customers the option of existing framework contracts with German health insurance companies (PKV/GKV) for reintegration into the German health insurance system. The conditions for this are that the contributions to health insurance and private long-term care insurance are payable for at least paid for one year without late payment. Thereafter, a return to the German health insurance system is possible even without penalty contributions under certain conditions.

Private long-term care insurance

According to insurance conditions, the insurer provides compulsory care insurance in all five levels of care in the outpatient and inpatient areas, even without any advance payment of compulsory care insurance. This is explained in the insurer’s insurance conditions. Without classification of compulsory care insurance, the insurer would determine the need for care via the medical service of private health and long-term care insurance (Medicproof GmbH). The cost of determining whether a nursing classification exists must be borne by the customer. The long-term care insurance taken out is a basic insurance. The private long-term care insurance does not automatically completely close the care gaps in the case of need for care in the outpatient and inpatient areas, but, depending on the amount of the desired daily care allowance, only secures a part of the resulting care allowance. care costs.


Dental treatment, prophylaxis / PZR: 75, observe the dental relay; 75 for general prophylaxis and prof. tooth cleaning. Dentures, inlays, implants: dentures 50, inlays 75, implants 50, incl. Bone structure; for all: Observe the tooth squadron. Orthodontics: 50 or according to possible GKV performance, 50 of the remaining costs (KIG 1-5), observe the dental squadron. Dental squadron: reimbursement for dental treatment, dentures and orthodontics max. EUR 1,000 in the 1st year; Max. EUR 2,000 in total in the 1. to 2nd year; Max. EUR 3,000 in total in the 1st to 3rd year; Max. EUR 4,000 in total in the 1. to 4th year; from the 5th year without dental squadron limit.

Fee order tooth: Without limit.

Healing and cost plan: No, does not have to be submitted. Duration of contract: At least 2 years, maximum admission age 64 years. Termination date: With a period of 3 months at the end of a calendar year. World standing: Yes, up to 2 months.