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Advantages for the self-employed.
The European Health Insurance...

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Especially self-employed people know about the pitfalls of the system: membership in a statutory health insurance is expensive, but at the same time the scope of benefits is not exactly satisfactory. As soon as the business is up and running, there is the threat of high additional and advance payments. These can even endanger the financial existence.

The solution is a cheap private health insurance in the room. But after only a few years this became even more expensive than the original statutory insurance cover, perhaps even unaffordable? A return to the statutory health insurance is already no longer possible. And suddenly you’re left with no health insurance at all. This is just one possible career path. We know of many such cases, and more are coming. It is estimated that more than 100,000 people in Germany currently have no health insurance. Many others struggle with rising premiums, are dissatisfied with the services of their health insurance, or unsure whether their insurance coverage is sufficient in case of emergency.

German statutory or private health insurance, international or European health insurance, standard or premium tariff, supplementary insurance for daily sickness benefits or nursing care … the tariff jungle is dense. Get the health experts on board! We have 15 years of experience in this field. We know what is important and how you can enjoy a really good and cheap health insurance!